Favorite Football Managers

Here’s my personal list of Football Manager bloggers and YouTubers that I enjoy reading if you want to give them a look. I tend to like all of their content, but if there’s one I’m particularly liking as of the time of the writing, then I’ll explicitly name it.


  1. The Higher Tempo Press – Chris’s Boys of Bilbao, reids1’s Taste the Feeling
  2. Strikerless
  3. FortunesFM – West Ham
  4. uptheborofm – Oxford United (my 2nd favorite team after FC Dallas)
  5. ThatFMRegen – Hinckley FC
  6. Keysi Rensie


  1. GendoFM– The Great Chicago Fire (as a Texan, I support FC Dallas as my primary soccer team, but even if it’s a rival it’s nice to see an American play MLS on YouTube)
  2. WorkTheSpace
  3. GoldenFM– Regen Rovers (a Create-a-Club save where he’s deliberately not signing “real” players)
  4. Basham Games