#FM15: The Journey IV: Looking Up!

Welcome back to The Journey. I’ve had a good bit of play time going before Thanksgiving, so I decided to write up a new blog post before leaving for the family dinner that I can have scheduled to post today, since as I said, I’d be away and not online or gaming.

How are things looking since my sack from Barnstaple? Well, quite rosy, and it’s nice to say that. Barnstaple’s lack of funding and underperforming players were beyond stressful, but Faversham’s are actually reasonably decent, and I’ve been rocking a 3-4-3 tactic that I’m testing out, and things have been going splendid! In fact, we’re sitting in 4th place right now, which is a massive over-achievement for the team, not that I can claim all the credit. My predecessor Ray Turner did a decent job setting up this team before his puzzling desire to bail for relegation candidates Hythe. Let’s see how things are going!

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#FM15: The Journey II: Dropping Points

Today is September 20th. It’s my 22nd birthday, and what better way to celebrate than at the pub with Harry having a few pints following our 0-1 victory against Wells? It was a good match. Quite nerve-wracking, if I’m being completely honest. Our league performances have been less than stellar, and the FA Vase round saw us lose 3 players to injuries lasting at least 2-3 weeks or more, with the longest a fractured arm that our physio reckons will put “Kiz” Hamer out of the reckoning for at least 5-6 weeks. Considering he’s pushing for our starting striker and captain’s spot following weeks of poor performance, it’s certainly a loss. Our club doesn’t have the depth to deal with so many injuries at one go.

Training is going as well as it can be, considering we only have one day of general training each week. It makes it hard for the team to gel and get used to our tactical arrangements with a competency that will push us to the next level. It’s lead to more than a few losses in situations where we should have won. Our team is more than capable of getting it to the goal, but they are having trouble actually finishing, and it’s more than frustrating when it’s coupled with the defense’s penchant for giving away fouls in the penalty box.

Despite our expectations of first, we wrap up the day of my birth in 9th in the league with 3 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses with many instances of points dropped.

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#FM15: The Journey I – Find me someone… Anyone!

My first time out on the training ground as a head coach. I’m not quite sure what to think of it. It’s certainly more than a little intimidating to me, being an American fan of the sport and only 21 years old. What the hell do I know about being a coach, aside from what I think I know? And, besides that, I’m 11 years junior to Harry York, the man I’ll be working with. A Londoner, just as uncomfortable in this small town as I am. At least he’s as unqualified as I am, though I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing that the two random dudes who walked in asking for the openings got it. He seems a good man, though, quite likeable, the Londoner, and he’s got some ideas kicking around in his head already, so I’m sure we can get a working relationship going.”

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#FM15 – McKnight Named to USA National Team for Olympic Games

United States-born Damon McKnight has just been appointed as manager of the USA U23 Squad. McKnight (27) was introduced to fans and media earlier today in a press conference held in the Allianz Stadium press room in Sydney, Australia and live-streamed on the USMNT Facebook page before a match against A-League opponents Wellington Phoenix.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn – Homecoming?

Hey, blog reader, it’s Damon once again, with a new update on my adventures in Skyrim and the expansions that I am blindly playing. I’ll admit that I didn’t expect to be writing up a blog post about my Dragonborn experiences so soon after the Dawnguard one, but here it is.
It took me so long to play Dragonborn because my first Elder Scrolls game was Morrowind, and I have really fond memories of my times on Vvardenfell and in Mournhold and Solstheim. It’s really hard to not try to compare the same locations when they are in different games, and I didn’t want to know what Dragonborn’s version of Solstheim was and end up completely disappointed with what I saw. There are things I like, there are things I dislike, and we’ll get to those here in just a moment.

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Defending Dawn – Dawnguard Review

Hey, readers! Back in June I bought Skyrim Legendary Edition. Ostensibly, this gift was for my brother, who loves The Elder Scrolls (albeit not as much as I), and he hadn’t played the expansions on his Playstation… Neither had I! Coincidence? No! I’ve been putting a good bit of time into Skyrim lately, and I’m finally starting to do all the DLC with my Imperial character that I made. I’ve decided I’d do a little series detailing my adventures through Skyrim with my first time doing the expansions, and this first entry will cover Dawnguard’s first playthrough and my opinions on it.


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I’m Not A Terrorist, I’m a CONDUIT!!

I want to do an impressions post on the first couple of hours of my first playthrough of Infamous: Second Son on the Playstation 4. This isn’t anything more than a disorganised ramble, because I’ve accumulated about 5 hours on the game, and I’ve written down my thoughts beforehand… Each time I blog, I make one draft, and that’s what I post with little revision. :p

In short, it’s a pretty great game. You play as Delsin Rowe, an Akomish Native American living in Washington. He’s dressed up like your stereotypical emo brat with a vest full of patches and pins and an beanie, and the story opens up to him vandalising a billboard on his reservation. Very nice start to the game… Just what I wanted to do was play as an emo Indian.

Anyway, he quickly gets found by his brother Reggie, the local sheriff, and Reggie’s berating him is interrupted by a Conduit, a being with supernatural powers that I don’t understand because I didn’t play the previous titles. Anyway, he accidentally gives Delsin some of his powers, and Delsin becomes a conduit with fire powers, and he chases after the Conduit who turned him, because he threatened the tribe, and then the DUP, the Department of Unified Power, which is a bastardly evil military organisation that’s occupying Seattle and the surrounding area in an attempt to stamp out the very few remaining conduits (or “bio-terrorists as DUP calls them), shows up, and they attack Betty, an elderly Tribal lady and torture the tribe searching out the conduits in the area, and Delsin resolves to take care of them.

That’s the gist of it without spoiling it. I’m not that far into the story, because once I got to Seattle, I started exploring instead of actually doing the missions. The gameplay is gorgeous, it’s fluid, and I was quickly doing awesome stuff with his superpowers, which include turning into smoke and using air ducts to fly up to the roof, using parkour free-running to climb, shooting firebombs, etc. It’s quite fun.

Delsin actually isn’t that bad of a protagonist as far as emo teenagers go. He’s got the kind of banter that reminds me of the old Spiderman PS2 games that had witty dialogue in them for about every scenario, and it’s actually fun to go tagging, fighting, or doing random things just to hear what he has to say.

The highlight of the game so far has to be climbing up the Space Needle in Seattle and having the big showdown on it with the first real “boss” in the game. The view was amazing up there! It was incredible to look down and see the whole city and see the mountains and the Puget Sound, although the gameplay does not extend beyond the two islands that make up “Seattle”.

All in all, though, it’s  a fun game, and I thoroughly am enjoying it. Once I finally beat it, there’s definitely going to be a review of this, I believe. It’s a great game.