#FootballMogul2012: 1.2 – The Team

Welcome back to the blog, ladies and gentlemen. On Tuesday I shared the introduction to a game series I had discovered called “Football Mogul” where I took over as the general manager of the New England Patriots in their 2001 season.

We ran out of time before we could cover the roster and other team details, so this post will get into that in some more detail and show off the game interface before we get into the actual playing of games.

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#FootballMogul2012: 1.1 -Introduction

I have to write out “Football Mogul” because it would be way too confusing on a Football Manager blog to abbreviate that to “FM”. Wouldn’t want to accidentally deceive someone!

This is a bit of a different blog idea. I found a game developer called Sports Mogul Inc. who make baseball and American football games where you’re basically the general manager of a Major League Baseball or National Football League team. It’s not as in-depth as Football Manager or Out of the Park Baseball, which is basically an in-depth baseball equivalent to FM, but it is something different to do.

I’ve not outright said it, I don’t think, but it’s not a secret anyway that I’m an American. I love association football and watch the hell out of it, but baseball and American football are our true national sports and pastimes. I know I’m a competent soccer manager, but can I be a successful general manager/head coach of a National Football League team as well?

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