#FM15: To The Top! 4.7 – End

Welcome back to the blog, people. It’s time for what may possibly be the last regular update to the To The Top! series for the foreseeable future.

Truth be told, I’m burned up of it. I was enjoying the challenge of the save at first and I’m still curious how St. Ives Town will fare in the coming years with an announcement of administration looming ever closer as days tick on, but this series in its current format isn’t really working out for me.

I really enjoyed the creative writing for the first couple seasons, and I enjoyed the last month and a half or so of super productive blogging, but it’s too much of a strain to play the game and have such regularly scheduled posts, and I’ll get into this after the cut before moving on to what games I’ve played since the previous update.

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#SouthPark: The Stick of Truth

I’m back again with another game review post. Well, not a review, since I’ve not finished it and couldn’t tell you if it sucked or not, but it’s an overview and my impressions.

I love those old turn-based RPGs, and I have plenty of memories of playing Final Fantasy IV and Golden Sun on the old Gameboy systems. I also love South Park, so a couple of years ago, I was thrilled to find out that The Stick of Truth was being made, though with my owning so many games that I’ve not gotten around to playing them all. I haven’t really gotten around to this one until recently, and I really enjoy this one and want to share my impressions of it. And, I know South Park is a game that’s totally inappropriate for younger audiences and the workplace, but this post is safe for work, as are the screenshots that I took of my gameplay to supplement it.

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#FM15: To the Top! 4.6 – Long-term Injuries

Ladies and gents, we’re now into and out of the transfer window, and we’ve got another half-dozen matches to cover and get out of the way before pressing on towards the end of the season. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions coming into the transfer window we made no business. The players that I liked were there, but the deals weren’t, and as I’ve said in the previous posts, we need to be pinching pennies and running a tight ship.

As much as I’d like an improved squad for the second half of the season, I am not willing to take on more expenses before the end of the season if the demands are unreasonably high.Let’s just cover our matches, shall we?

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#FM15: To The Top! 4.4 -The Higher Tempo Way

Welcome back to the blog and the To The Top! series. As you’ll recall from the previous post we departed AFC Bolnore and decided to take over Saint Ives Town FC in the Regional First divisions above the Counties Leagues.

I said in the last update that the team was in an absolute mess and I wanted to set up some goals for the next while in charge of the team and see if we can un-FUBAR this place a bit.

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#FM15: To The Top! 4.3 – The Saints

It’s time for a new blog post to provide an update on the status of my AFC Bolnore save. And, here’s the big news: I’ve made up my mind to depart from AFC Bolnore and advance my career forward without them.

As I said in the last update, I was feeling a burnout with AFC Bolnore, because I didn’t have any short-term challenges to work towards in the decade I’ll have to spend in amateur leagues, and floated the concept of leaving the club and changing the format of this save from taking AFC Bolnore to the top to just advancing my personal career towards the top from the local reputation I had at the start.

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