AFC Bolnore: Kits

I decided for fun to redesign the kits in my AFC Bolnore save every time we get a new kit sponsorship deal. I figured it would keep things fresh to give the club a new paint job every couple of years, and it gives me an excuse to play with Photoshop, which is never a bad thing!

The first sponsor was my favorite Football Manager blogger’s website, but sponsorships can be just about anything that seems like it’d be appropriate for the club’s stature at the time (for instance, it’s quite unlikely BBVA or Delta Airlines or some international brand would sponsor amateurs). Manufacturer will be subject to my whim at the time of creation.

In-game, Bolnore’s home color is green and their away color is orange, so kits will always be in a similar color.

Sometimes there are kits from the “future”, because I’ve got a bit of a queue for these posts made, and I’ll have the kits made for the appropriate unpublished post and put here so I don’t forget to do so.

AFC Bolnore (2014 – 2017)

2014-2015 kits
Manufacturer: Starter
Sponsor: The Higher Tempo Press (home), Tales From The Top Flight (away)

These kits look a bit like rubbish, but it was one of my first times trying to make a kit, and for the nominal fee of a couple of virtual beers together, his websites were the first two kit sponsors for the new McKnight-era at the club.

2015-2017 kits
Manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsor: The Laptop Workshop (local business)

At the start of the 2015 season we received a new two-year sponsorship deal for the kits, so a redesign for the next two seasons was in order, with the sponsorship going to some local computer business that I was able to pull a quality .PNG file from to slap down on the kit. Away kit has a bit more accidental brown than I’d like, but it still looks great.

Manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsor: Carpetright

I gave muted colors a go for the last two years and I decided almost immediately that while they look good, I didn’t like them as much as the brighter colors. These new kits, while not as stupid bright as the first kits, which were made with Smart Shirt Designer 2, rather than Hammer9’s Photoshop files, are still made using that same base color of the home and away kits from season one. I plan to use those two colors as our traditional kit colors.

2019 – (Never Used)
Manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsor: Planet Partitioning

I made these kits because I was bored watching The Walking Dead shortly after the Carpetright kits were made. Due to my departure from AFC Bolnore, they will never be loaded into the game, but are kept here since they look damn nice and are already uploaded.

St. Ives Town FC (2017 – Present)

These are the kits for my tenure at St. Ives, which had only blanks when I took over the club.

2017 – 2018
Manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsor: None

I created these kits following my arrival at St. Ives town. They are just placeholder kits because I hate not having graphics, and I’ll come up with “interesting”, more detailed kits after the next sponsorship deal comes in.

2018 –
Manufacturer: Adidas
Sponsor: Planet Partitioning

I really liked the Planet Partitioning AFC Bolnore kits, despite them not making it into my save at all, so I replicated them for my tenure at Saint Ives. The black and white and the black and red don’t look as good as the shades of green and orange/black of Bolnore’s kit, but they are still good looking kits, and I’m happy with these for my time with the Saints.