AFC Bolnore: Season-by-Season

I was going to use the drop-menu to share every season’s category for quick access to specific seasons. That, however, is something I realised will be way too long since this save will run for a good while.

Here’s the AFC Bolnore save broken down by seasons. Each season has its own category so every post is sorted out for quick access, with this page serving as a central hub to find links to all of them, as well as a brief overview of the save.

AFC Bolnore
Season 1 – 2014/15 – Mid-Sussex Football League Division Eleven
Division Elven winners, Brian Hall Challenge Cup runner-up

Season 2 – 2015/16 – Mid-Sussex Football League Division Ten
Division Ten winners, Tester Challenge Cup winners

Season 3 – 2016/17 – Mid-Sussex Football League Division Nine
Division Nine winners, Parsons Challenge Cup runner-up

Season 4 – 2017/18 – Mid-Sussex Football League Division Eight
Departed in November 2017 for St. Ives Town FC

Saint Ives Town FC
Season 4 – 2017/18 – English Southern League First Division Central