American Truck Simulator

Well, look at this, it’s another case where I wanted to write on the blog regularly but ended up leaving for three months!

The holidays came up and I got distracted by an increased workload, planning a move, and writing up my three-part MLS review and my  Land of Opportunity series for The Higher Tempo Press.

This blog will be part review and part nattering about the game I’ve been playing a bit of lately… American Truck Simulator.

First off, what’s not to love about the American version of one of my favorite simulators!

This game is basically a reskinned Euro Truck Simulator 2, with the same interface, options, and physics in it, with updates being released to add the same gameplay changes as its sister version, but with American laws relevant to the state you visit and with American trucks.

There aren’t as many cities, trucks, and so on when compared to Euro Truck Simulator 2 with its larger base map and years of DLC, but for $20, it’s a great game on its own, and the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona are all beautifully designed with more coming in the future.

Out of the box, ETS2 has more cities and content to enjoy than ATS before you add in all the DLC that they’ve spent years developing, but when you think about the distance between cities and how much work you’ll have to do to visit them all, drive all of the roads, or set up a trucking empire, you’ve still got at least two hundred hours put into the game and any game that can get in that much play time for that price point can’t be a bad thing, right?

The business aspect of owning a trucking business and doing jobs, just like with its sister game, is a bit lacking, but the actual driving, hauling, and truck designs are better and better with each update.

I really enjoy this game, especially when compared to ETS2. When you look at the base game versus the DLC for ETS2, you can see a leaps and bounds improvement in design over the years as the game was developed, and that experience carried over into ATS. I love seeing vaguely familiar locations and driving American-style trucks through US States that are so far very beautifully done.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy ETS2 from time to time, but I’ve shifted focus away from that towards working on the North American branch of Snowmane Logistics.

I’ve put in a good 15 hours in the last week and a half as I write this, and what started as a small garage in Los Angeles on a new save (the old one broke from modding) has turned into a slightly larger garage, a new driver, and $365,000 in loans to pay back. As a matter of fact, since I just purchased the Peterbilt for the new driver, I’m now in the hole $5,000 after the bank payment came due. But, I’ve got a couple of days to get out of the red, I’m taking a $25,000 job from Phoenix, Arizona to Carson City, Nevada, and the driver will be working shortly, so we’re going to be fine!.

There probably won’t be additional posts, because there’s nothing interesting to serialize about driving a truck down the freeway, but it’s something to write about.

If you’re interested in American Truck Simulator, it’s on Steam for $20. Alternatively, if you’re more into driving in Europe, you can get Euro Truck Simulator 2. ATS is a straight re-skin of ETS2, but with local trucks, driving laws, locations, and companies. There’s no difference between them aside from ETS2 having more locations out of the gate (albeit with the aforementioned poorer quality location design) and a couple of extra years worth of DLC to provide several dozen locations across almost all of the European Union to explore. But either game is good value for money if you’re into this kind of thing.


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