#CK2: A Game of Thrones #5 – The Usurper

The next many years of Edrick the Black Wolf’s reign were peaceful for the North itself, but the game of thrones never ends, and conflict was brewing down south.

The realm fell into a relatively peaceful lull between 8042 and 8048. There were petty fights between various houses, including a notable armed conflict between the Lord of Blackpool and the Lord of Stony Shore in the North, though nothing that threatened the integrity of the Northern realm.

In the south, Daena Targaryen’s forces were attempting to mop up the last of the rogue Vale lords, a task their father the Conqueror left unfinished. In October 8049, Edrick was honored as a Commander of the Queen’s army and led troops into the Vale to aid in the defense of the realm against a border skirmish with mountain clansmen.

In 8051, the Lannisters turned on their Targaryen liege and sought to install themselves on the Iron Throne. With a massive 30,000 man army waiting and ready, they marched immediately for the Crownlands, and Queen Daena, now 14 years old at this time, called her subjects to defend the realm against an open rebellion

Lord Paramount Edrick answered his lady’s call, but the North was a vast realm and a large number of his levies were near the Wall helping the Night’s Watch when they received orders to march with haste to Moat Cailin to join the main army for a march south. It took months to gather the Northern host up in Moat Cailin for the march, and by the time the banners were assembled, word was arriving that the brief war for the Iron Throne had ended less than a year after it began. On 25 February, 8051, King Leo I of House Lannister was demanding fealty from the North following the beheading of 15-year-old Daena Targaryen on the day before.

Knowing from past conflicts the strength of the Lannister army and knowing that there were virtually no active dragon-riders in the modern Targaryen army with the death of Aegon and his sister-wives, Lord Stark had his army stand down and bend the knee to the new Lannister dynasty on the Iron Throne.

The Black Wolf was a known ally of the Targaryens, and in early April after the king had started consolidating his power, he had Edrick throne in prison on false charges from another lord of the realm, leading to months of confirmed torture before his death in November 8051.

After almost 20 years as the Lord of Winterfell, Edrick the Black Wolf left the world. In an insult to the Stark household, his bones were never returned to Winterfell for burial in the family crypt, and his heir, 24-year-old Robb, Master of Moat Cailin, took control of the North and became the Lannister’s Warden of the North.


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