#BookReview: Leopard Moon

Leopard Moon (Moon, #1)Leopard Moon by Jeanette Battista

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this first entry to Jeanette Battista’s Moon trilogy, Kess is a young wereleopard of the Miami leopard clan. At the start of the story she’s been on the run for many months traveling across the country in constant fear of her life as she awaits her eighteenth birthday, adulthood, and legal independence. Her brother has a violent obsession with her and is intent on marrying his sister and having children with her, believing it will strengthen the weakening wereleopard clan, while justifying it in the way that ancient Egyptian pharaohs did, while asserting the family lines run back to and can be traced to the pharaohs.

On the run for her life, she finds herself in small town North Carolina, where she meets Cormac, a werewolf, and they fall in love, though neither of them initially know the other is a werecreature.

Meanwhile, this obsession with having an incestuous relationship with Kess goes on to the point where Sek challenged their father, the Miami clan patriarch, into a fight to the death according to old customs, in order to become the new authority of the clan and continue to fund and authorise this hunt for Kess. Before this fight, heir father had received a letter from Kess telling him she was fine and that she had her reasons (which she never explained to their father) to be alone, and their father acquiesced to her wishes, and had ordered Sek to stop hunting for her.

It’s a pretty typical young-adult supernatural romance, and nothing stands out in particular about it over the rest of the crowd in terms of plot, which is engaging enough and rife with suspense as we see Sekhmet’s thoughts and actions attempting to locate her, sappy run-of-the-mill romantic banter between Kess and Cormac, and humorous, sometimes serious, yet light-hearted dynamics between Cormac’s family members, who were suspicious of and worried about a foreign werecreature in their territory, but quickly warmed up to Kess’s presence, even going so far as to be willing to help keep her safe from her violent brother, who Kess ultimately fights, almost kills, but spares at the end of the novel.

Technically speaking, the book’s well written, with no glaring issues as far as structure and presentation go. As I mentioned above, it’s quite engaging, it’s got plenty of interesting themes and events within it, and it’s a book that was nice enough to read twice. At the end of the day though, I’m not so invested in the series and so interested in Kess and Cormac that I feel compelled to hurry out and read the rest of the trilogy to see how their relationship blossoms out and see how Sek will change as a person with regards to Kess’s escape and his near death.

If you like a strong, courageous female lead, and supernatural romance novels, then this book probably won’t disappoint. Leopard Moon is a stereotypical young-adult romance novel with enjoyable suspense and light-hearted romance.

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