#BookReview: Terms of Service

Terms of ServiceTerms of Service by Emma Nichols

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Second book review for Romance Month, since I decided to broaden by reading horizons by doing months set around specific genres.

Hannah is out of a marriage she didn’t like, she’s struggling to get by while taking care of two pre-school age twins, and she decides to put an advert in the personals looking for a sugar daddy. Gavin is a well-off businessman and he takes in Hannah as a hobby for revenge after his wife slept with his lesbian sister and fell in love with her, and he’s intent on making her life miserable.

They make a contract where she’ll be his personal assistant, help out with his work and around the house, and he’ll provide board for her and her twin girls, Aurora (Rory) and Zoe. She brings out the best of him and he becomes a more sympathetic person, going so far as to allow her to redecorate the house, he comes onto good terms with Madge, his housekeeper with her there to make her feel like an equal, and he slowly but surely falls in love with her and they ultimately end up in a relationship and the kids grow to look at Gavin as a father figure.

His lawyer comes by and Hannah overhears the man ask about Gavin’s revenge plot, which he’s long since forgotten, and it shatters the relationship. She gives her 30 days notice for the termination of the contract and readies herself to move out. Gavin wins her heart back, they proclaim their love for each other, and he proposes marriage to her whilst leaving the family business to his sister to run, since he only did it out of loyalty to his late father, but she was the one who was actually interested in the business and happy to run it. Then, Gavin, Hannah, and her twins get ready for a life on the Carribean, presumably, as Gavin’s real passion is sailing and he wants to have a simpler life with his new fiancee and her kids.

Overall, this book was average in every way imaginable. The plot isn’t particularly original and you could see how it was going to end from almost the beginning. I didn’t skim pages or outright skip sections, but it was so boring and hard to read at times that it was very tempting, and the characters were so unoriginal and boring that I had to look up what Hannah’s name was so I could write this review, and she was the main character of the story!

If you like this kind of cliche story, you’ll probably like the book, but if you’re like me and you’re just grabbing free books of specific genres for the sake of reading but don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other about the book, then it’s probably one that you can not read and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

Average execution of an average plot with nothing particularly interesting or redeeming about the plot or the characters, aside from the odd moment where the twins are adorable acting here and there, but as supporting characters they aren’t worth the read on their own.

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