#FM15: To The Top! 4.7 – End

Welcome back to the blog, people. It’s time for what may possibly be the last regular update to the To The Top! series for the foreseeable future.

Truth be told, I’m burned up of it. I was enjoying the challenge of the save at first and I’m still curious how St. Ives Town will fare in the coming years with an announcement of administration looming ever closer as days tick on, but this series in its current format isn’t really working out for me.

I really enjoyed the creative writing for the first couple seasons, and I enjoyed the last month and a half or so of super productive blogging, but it’s too much of a strain to play the game and have such regularly scheduled posts, and I’ll get into this after the cut before moving on to what games I’ve played since the previous update.

As you’ll probably be aware of if you’re a regular reader of the blog, I went from sporadic posts with months of break sometimes between them for a couple of years to putting in a concerted effort to blog more, and suddenly in late November I began a series of daily posts before settling into a schedule of Mon-Wed-Fri each week from the start of December up to last week writing these blogs that detailed out individual matches, rather than the long season updates I used to do in previous years. The scheduling is what got to me, because while I enjoyed it at the start of December and was able to hold a two week buffer on episodes for the month because of my focus on the project and my “I really want to play FM” phase, it’s become harder and harder to want to sit down for a committed several hours each day to play the game and write a post on it for the next day.

That buffer is gone and was dwindling down quickly with my only being able to play enough for a post’s worth of matches in a week if I felt like it.

I’m going to recap these matches really fast, then I’ll talk about content ideas for the future at the end of the post.


First match was a 1-3 away win to AFC Hayes. Standard fare as far as our previous winning matches were, so I’ll just let you look at the numbers.


Next match was a 2-1 win in another tight match where Lee Southon took man of the match with two goals, seeing us hit my target position of 12th for the league. Hopefully I can keep it.


Next match was a 2-0 loss to Aylesbury, though we hold our league position. It seems like we either win spectacularly or lose spectacularly in tight matches. It’s encouraging that we are consistently holding majority of possession when you look back at all of our previous match updates with the Saints, I just need to find a couple of key players who can actually convert regularly enough and who can defend competently.


Next up is a 2-0 home victory against Burnham to climb to 11th place. We were doing better on shots, and held the majority of possession again.


Next match was a 2-0 loss to Egham in a match that was fairly identical to previous matches. Less than 10 shots a piece, majority of possession. Inconsistent team.

That’s our last update for the foreseeable future. I still plan to come back to this save and play it periodically, but I’m not going to have it firmly scheduled like it’s been for the last month and a half where I put out 30 posts in just under two months. I’ve not got the time or ambition to do it with a new job on the horizon.

I’d like to attempt to post at least semi-regularly, even if it’s just something random. The current idea is to do brief overview posts of assorted games that I play similar to what that South Park post is like, and I might do one of those every couple of weeks just to have varied subject matter. If I feel up to a post on the Football Manager save I’ll come back to it and give an update on the series, and if I get into an FM mood and feel like a new save I’ll start an appropriately titled series.


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