#FM15: To the Top! 4.6 – Long-term Injuries

Ladies and gents, we’re now into and out of the transfer window, and we’ve got another half-dozen matches to cover and get out of the way before pressing on towards the end of the season. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions coming into the transfer window we made no business. The players that I liked were there, but the deals weren’t, and as I’ve said in the previous posts, we need to be pinching pennies and running a tight ship.

As much as I’d like an improved squad for the second half of the season, I am not willing to take on more expenses before the end of the season if the demands are unreasonably high.Let’s just cover our matches, shall we?


Our first match of 2018 was a 2-3 loss at home to North Shields in what was a close match. As usual, we held possession, but I’m seeing a pattern here where the guys I have can hold possession, but fail to convert. This result sees us slip one position to rest in 13th.


Our next result was a 2-1 loss to Leighton. Quite surprised it was only a  one goal loss, with our only consolation being a goal from an early penalty. It could have been worse, and we’re now in 15th.


Next mach Romulus, a team who’s been solid near the top and almost certainly a team who’s going up at the conclusion of the season, allowed no ground to be given at their home stadium, and we dropped another place in the table to rest in 16th.

It disappoints me to say this, but we deserved nothing from this game, and I’m surprised we had the one goal, which came more from an accident than from any serious attempt at attacking the goal. This match also saw three of our players, two of who were critical to our operation, take longer term injuries.

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Sinclair and McEachran tore their cal muscles and will be out for the rest of the season by the looks of it, and our over-priced, but actually efficient centerback sprained his ankle and will sit for two months.

I really can’t stress enough how much it hurts our already poor squad to take these long-term injuries, and I knew immediately that any chance of getting to my 12/13th place goal was made a lot harder.


The next match we went into was actually a 3-2 win. It only sees us reclaim 15th place, but it’s pleasing to see following a catastrophic previous match.


The next match didn’t favor us at all, however. We lost 5-1 in a game that saw only a few attempts at goal. Unfortunately for us, Fisher was able to convert most all of their attempts at goal or at least have them on target, whereas we couldn’t match that at all.


The next match was a 4-2 win that was quite an improvement over the last match, with our side never really not being in control despite the goals. Youngster Levi Southon put in a performance that wasn’t worth a 6.5 or less, and actually converted four shots into goals.to see us end this run of matches sitting in 15th place.


As you can see, following our decent run of form against the lower-end teams after I joined, we started slipping in form due to minor and major injuries, sending offs like in the last update, and so on…


Here’s the league table for the end of this match update. We’re sitting in 15th following matches against higher-up teams in the standings and poor runs against lower teams. Hopefully, our next run against lower-placed teams will enable us to get lucky and kick on for my target place of 12th or 13th, though I’ll be happy avoiding relegation at the end of the day, not that we’ve been particularly threatened with the risk of a drop.

Hopefully we can have a good run-out for the last couple months of the season. I’ll be back in the near future to put out that next update and work on solidifying my plans for the upcoming off-season beyond more than “fix what broke”



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