#FM15: To The Top! 3.2 – Finding Momentum

Merry Christmas, or whatever your religious holiday is for this time of year. I hope you had a good one! I did. Or, at least I hope I did, because if I’m being honest, I’ve played so much Football Manager that with my updates scheduled the way they are and with my doing shorter updates instead of long season-wide updates, I actually wrote this two weeks ago!

It seems like all of the good matches are saved for Boxing Day, and we’ve got some great ones to share today, so let’s get to it, shall we?


We received our First Round draw for the Tester Challenge Cup. If you’ll remember, this was our first knockout cup win, and this season we’re defending it, with the goal of winning it once again. Our draw for the match is away to Jarvis Brook III from Division Eleven, a team that we’ve not lost to in the last three matches we’ve met in. Should be an easy win, right?


After this match we went into a home league match against Scaynes Hill, which we took away in a comfortable 3-1 win. Terry Rymer and new signings Toby Adekunle and Lee Smith took the three goals to give us the win, with the latter taking the Man of the Match award.

This victory puts us in second place behind Ridgewood, who are so far unbeaten in the league after five matches.


The next match was our First Round draw in the Parsons Challenge Cup, and we took that one in a very commanding win with the final score 3-7 away from home to Maresfield Village II of our Division Nine. I completely forgot to get a screenshot of the draw, but it was against Pilgrims, who we met last year in one of the cup matches. That’s an away match.


A mere three days later we had another away match against Maresfield Village II, this time in the league, and while our tired legs couldn’t create the goal glut we had last time, it was still a convincing victory, though we’re still second in the league.


Next up we had that Jarvis Brook III match in the Tester Challenge Cup, and it was actually a disappointing win. It was a win, which we needed, but it was nowhere near as good as it ought to have been considering the opposition.


The Tester Challenge Cup second round draw is for a home match against Stones II in Division Eleven. Just like with the Jarvis Brook III game, it should be a match that we win with no problem, and I’ll be expecting a result from the lads that’s representative of our stature against them or there might be a problem.


Our next match was at home in the league, and it was a good 3-0 victory to Barcombe II. Ridgewood drew their match, so we’re now just a single point behind them.

Scouting out Ridgewood after their good performances and league position, I’m starting to recognise them as a team to not underestimate. Unlike the teams we’ve dealt with the previous two years, they appear to be a potential threat to our league title, though I’m optimistic that we can still take it all with a first place win if we keep our heads on straight.


The next match was the second round of the Mid-Sussex Junior Cup against Danehill, and did we show them what for or what? We went into halftime with the score 1-7, and while we only got the one goal in the second half, it’s still evident that on the day we completely outclassed them to move onto the next round.


Our next draw in the Junior Cup is going to be an away match against Division Nine leaders Ridgewood, in what could very well be a tight match.


Speaking of Ridgewood, our next match was an away match against Ridgewood in the league, and we took a 2-3 win in what was a pretty tight match all the way to the end. This victory puts us two points above Ridgewood and in the lead for the first time this season. Now, our goal is to consolidate and hold this position to the end, because Harry expects me to deliver a title to him with his team, and I expect the same.


Fixture clashes pushed the Tester Challenge Cup match against Pilgrims to after the Quarterfinal Draw. It will be either Copthorne IV or Cuckfield Rangers III against either Pilgrims or AFC Bolnore.


Here’s our schedule so far. We’ve not lost any matches since that West Hoathly II match at the end of the last update, and our next match will be against Pilgrims to get into the quarterfinal of the Pearsons Challenge Cup.


We hold first in the league with 19 points from eight matches. Ridgewood is in second with 17 points, and Crawley United, our rival for the previous two seasons, have appeared to reach the peak of what they could do, and have gone from two years of challenging for the title and finishing second to getting stuck in a relegation battle.

Again, I hope you had a good holiday, I hope you enjoyed this update, there’s that Twitter link to the right if you want updates on the save, and we’ll be back soon with the next update.

P.S. Want to find some more Football Manager blogs, video series, or story-telling or want to share your own? Check out the new subreddit The Manager’s Corner, a subreddit spun off from the main FM subreddit and dedicated to such content.


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