#FM15: The Journey VII: RIP

Here’s some sad music for the occasion. For the fullest effect, I recommend listening as you read this post. Or not, really doesn’t matter, but it’s a good song and it’s appropriate considering the sudden end.

I am going to cut straight to the bad news with this blog post. This will be the last post for this iteration of my Journey save. I’ve made it to almost the end of August, and the fixture list for the English teams hasn’t updated, which means apparently there is a bug in the database I had used for the lower leagues.

It’s disappointing, because I had gotten into this save and was enjoying Football Manager for the first time in a while. I’m going to start up a new journeyman save, with a different database for lower leagues, maybe English, maybe not, and I want to start and run to completion a long-term journeyman save.

Now, onto the final update on how the Faversham season went, and I promise it was a good season.


I had accepted a new contract offer from Faversham towards the end of April, the terms of which are visible. Had this save run on longer, I would have planned to stick around and run this team for a couple of years. I might not have run them to the Premier League, necessarily, but I would have stuck around for at least long enough to get my first Continental license, whenever that would have been, and gotten a good opportunity elsewhere, whatever that may be.


We sealed promotion with a single match to go, but with only two points standing between our second place position and the title, we still had a chance to win it all and take the glor that nobody expected our predicted-19th team to get.

We must win our final game against Redhill to have a chance, and Burgess Hill needs to either lose to allow us to go a point ahead, or they need to draw, in which case we’d go ahead on goal difference after a points tie.

It’s stuff like this that really gets me into a save, let me tell you! I enjoy the thrill of a title challenge with an underdog side more than anything, regardless of the league!

In my excitement about winning the league, I realised I didn’t take a screenshot of the match result, but we won it, and Burgess Hill drew against Whyteleafe, tying us at 91 points and putting the result down to goal difference, which we came on top with.

Faversham Town FC have won the Isthmian First Division South for the first time in the club’s history!


Let’s cover the league stats and the players that, for better or worse, ended up on the league stats page.


For highest average rating, centerback  Matt Bourne takes the prize with an average rating of 7.23.

For games won, Simon Huckle and Simon Overland both were in 25 winning squads taking joint-second place, and this is the first time I realised both were named Simon.

With 46 league appearances — the entire league schedule — goalkeeper Simon Overland had the most team appearances for the club.

With 20 goals, Mohammed Eisa was joint-4th in the league for goals scored and our highest individual goalscorer.

Sam Berwick was the naughty boy of the side, with most yellow cards in the league and tied for two red cards with players from other teams.

Here is a gallery for the stats pages for all of the above mentioned players.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On August 1, I bagged my National B license, though the team is starting the season in the red, so there won’t be any immediate requests for another coaching course like last time around.


As you will see in the last image, it’s August 29, and we’ve only had the friendlies that ass-man was in charge of setting up for me, and fixtures for the regular season haven’t generated… For anyone in England… Even up to the Prem…

Rest in peace, Journeyman save. It’s been a fun week of playing, and I’ll miss these experiences! 😥



It’s disappointing that this came to an abrupt end, but it has opened the way for a new challenge. Tomorrow I’m going to release the first part of a new save attempt with a new database, where I intend to take charge of a team at the absolute bottom of the English table, level 24, and attempt to take them from the bottom to the top. If that interests you, then stick around and watch for this. This should be one of the hardest and most interesting challenges I’ve ever done.


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