#FM15: The Journey V: Untouchable!

It’s time for another update on my journey to rise from zero to hero in the brutal world of football management! Things are actually still going golden! It’s almost amazing how well things are going, if I’m being honest. Right now, we’re sitting in 3rd in the Isthmian First Division South table, which is a complete over-achievement, and we’ve still got 12 games to try to make our way into a top-two position and get promotion to the Isthmian Premier Division, which will put us one level below the National League. It almost makes me afraid of when we’ll fall from our lucky streak and lose that magic step, if that day comes.

Anyway, let’s get down to business with the update on what’s happened since the last time I did an update, shall we?


I get to call my mother, not to tell her that it’s her birthday, but to say that I might not be a complete nutter for running away from home in the United States to try and make it as an English soccer coach, and that I have my first coaching license and the board has immediately agreed to fund a National B license since we’ve got the extra money to get away with having it done! One step closer!

There have been some minor improvements to the coaching stats over the last many months since the save started, though I’ll share in the summer what my stats are, since I reckon it’ll be early to mid summer when I get my next badge, right in time for the new season and the preview of expectations for it.


As we can see in the schedule for the matches played up until the second of March, we’ve continued our unbeaten streak in the league, racking up wins against teams that were, to be fair, lower-to-midtable sides in the competition, with former top-of-the-table Hastings United being the only team I’d consider a danger in the run, and even that was a decent 3-1 victory.

Defensively, there are still tactical blunders that annoy me, but the three striker formation is really working out, and the players are just good enough that they are able to put in numerous threats on the goal and put in several per match consistently.


As you can see in the table, we sit in third place, four points off of second, eight off of first, and we’ve still got matches to play. The Redhill match at the bottom of the schedule is our last of the season. It’s safe to say we’re in pretty good shape, and we could definitely challenge for a promotion spot this season, and even if we were to fail, our predicted spot was on the lower-end of the table with the chairman’s expectation to finish in the mid-table, so it’s not like we’d be disappointing anyone to finish third… But, who wants to finish third when the promotion is so close, right?

Interestingly, when you look at our stats, our players are not in the top-four lists for goals, assists, or average ratings. Mohammed Eisa comes in at number 5 for goals, but that’s the closest anyone is to the stats tables. Goals, I’ll excuse, since I am splitting goals between three strikers in the formation, plus the attempts from other players who want to go for glory. Assists have been all over the chart. What gets me is how our team is so consistently off of the average ratings table, considering we’re third! I’m not quite sure if I should be pleased we’re in third or worried that our players are consistently rating only averagely at the end of each match and being inconsistent enough to have low average ratings despite our sometimes very excellent individual ratings?


As we can see here, I’m untouchable for the first time with the club! Finances are still a bit over the accepted limit, and the board is on my butt about it, but like I said previously, we had to make purchases for the good of the team despite the low wage budget, and that wage budget was overblown when I arrived. Hopefully, we’ll be able to balance the books a bit better in the next season when I see my new wage numbers for the coming year and am able to expire contracts of players who aren’t being paid appropriately to their performances.

That about covers it for this update, and I’ll be back in a couple of days to wrap up the season, which will hopefully end in our promotion to the next league, and we’ll review the performances of the players, my favorite matches of the season, look at signing and releasing, the new season expectations, and all that jazz.

As always, I have a Twitter account @EricSnowmane, if you want to see updates from my blog, look at whatever random stuff I tweet, or whatever.



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