On StatApp and "legitimate" playing

If you can’t stand drama, bugger off and do something else, because this post is my slightly annoyed response to seeing the same drama in my favorite FM community that I always see.

I popped onto Reddit’s /r/footballmanagergames to get my daily dose of people posting their FM adventures, and on the top of my feed was a post about StatisticalApproach, a YouTuber who plays FM, and his continual use of the in-game editor to change the game as he fancies and “cheat” his way to the top of the game with his minor teams instead of working from the bottom like Jakzeh (WorkTheSpace) would do with Lewes, for example, where his game information was shown at the end of the series that the editor was not used and was explicitly disabled.

I figured as someone who watches the latter and used to watch the former, I’d make a comment on it, because why not? I’m tactically useless at FM16 and nothing works no matter what for me in this version, so I quit out and need something to occupy myself… Anyway, on to StatApp’s cheating…

I’m on the fence about this.

On the one hand, we all love to see a “authentic” runs of the games, and it really, really grates me to see top-notch facilities in a 6-7th tier facility, gratuitious use of the editor to always have top players and a 1st place prediction, etc.

I’m someone who never purchased the in-game editor and never uses the free outside editor, who doesn’t cheat in other games, and would happily spend decades in the lower leagues struggling to succeed and enjoy playing for whatever opportunities I can get by my own merits.

On the other hand, I really can’t see what the purpose to pointing this out is. I don’t cheat, but if someone else wants to, it’s their own game and their own business. We all have our own ways of enjoying things, and my disagreeing with him doesn’t instantly invalidate his playing of the game.

I found StatApp and started watching him when he was already in the Premier League in Stamford Struggle, and I didn’t look close enough at the playing like this was to realise that he was using the editor. He was just a bloke to watch during WorkTheSpace’s hiatus for me. It was a genuine surprise to me, as an average viewer, to hear him acknowledge towards the end of the series that he would use the in-game editor and do fancy changes.

I’m not going to lie, he broke the reality and immersion to the narrative for me, knowing the narrative was fabricated and not one of those wonderful ones that just happens in-game naturally when you try.

I am still subscribed to him, but I don’t watch the videos he puts out. It’s just not my thing. But, I wouldn’t go shit talking his doing it. He can do what he wants, at least he’s honest that he does it and it’s not like he’s saying one thing and doing another. We know from his own words and his own mouth that he does it. He wasn’t caught saying “No, I have never used the editor” and then images like this pop up to prove a straight lie.

I think the best thing to do is just drop it, and not watch StatApp if you want to see legit play. I really can’t see what the purpose to pointing out that he does it is, aside from creating a drama.

Live and let live.


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