#FM15: To The Top! 1.2 – Getting Settled In

Welcome back to the save and my second update. Check out the previous update for a rundown on what’s going on here, but in short, we’re aiming to take charge of a team from the 24th (absolute lowest) level of the English Football League and get them all the way to the Premier League.

I won’t fluff this intro up too much. I tried coming up with some creative writing for it, but I couldn’t think of anything interesting, so let’s just get underneath the cut and see what the body of the blog is, shall we?

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#FM15: To The Top! 1.1 – Where the hell is Bolnore?

Where is Bolnore? Well, I just looked it up, and it’s part of Haywards Heath, down south of London, and a place I’m completely unfamiliar with.

As you will recall if you read this blog, I just saw a save that I called The Journey come to a premature end because the database I used to get the Combined Counties Leagues wouldn’t generate new fixtures for the second season. That’s really disappointing, because I was getting into the save and enjoying it, but it has opened the way for another challenge I have been wanting to do – I’ve been wanting to try for a couple of months to take a team from the very bottom of the English pyramid to the Premier League, and I’ve decided that now is as good of a time as any!

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#FM15: The Journey VII: RIP

Here’s some sad music for the occasion. For the fullest effect, I recommend listening as you read this post. Or not, really doesn’t matter, but it’s a good song and it’s appropriate considering the sudden end.

I am going to cut straight to the bad news with this blog post. This will be the last post for this iteration of my Journey save. I’ve made it to almost the end of August, and the fixture list for the English teams hasn’t updated, which means apparently there is a bug in the database I had used for the lower leagues.

It’s disappointing, because I had gotten into this save and was enjoying Football Manager for the first time in a while. I’m going to start up a new journeyman save, with a different database for lower leagues, maybe English, maybe not, and I want to start and run to completion a long-term journeyman save.

Now, onto the final update on how the Faversham season went, and I promise it was a good season.

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#FM15: The Journey VI: Title Fight!

Welcome back to The Journey, my rise from zero to hero, local unemployed manager to world-class, most famous American manager to live! We’re still not quite there yet, but we’re making some good progress! I said in the last post that I’d wrap up the season and then do a new post, but with seven matches to go, things are looking hot right now, and it seemed like a good point to stop and write a blog post.

Strap in and get ready for the next update! I’m really starting to like these smaller updates instead of doing just end-of-season updates that end up glossing over stuff because there is too much to cover.

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#FM15: The Journey V: Untouchable!

It’s time for another update on my journey to rise from zero to hero in the brutal world of football management! Things are actually still going golden! It’s almost amazing how well things are going, if I’m being honest. Right now, we’re sitting in 3rd in the Isthmian First Division South table, which is a complete over-achievement, and we’ve still got 12 games to try to make our way into a top-two position and get promotion to the Isthmian Premier Division, which will put us one level below the National League. It almost makes me afraid of when we’ll fall from our lucky streak and lose that magic step, if that day comes.

Anyway, let’s get down to business with the update on what’s happened since the last time I did an update, shall we?

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#FM15: The Journey IV: Looking Up!

Welcome back to The Journey. I’ve had a good bit of play time going before Thanksgiving, so I decided to write up a new blog post before leaving for the family dinner that I can have scheduled to post today, since as I said, I’d be away and not online or gaming.

How are things looking since my sack from Barnstaple? Well, quite rosy, and it’s nice to say that. Barnstaple’s lack of funding and underperforming players were beyond stressful, but Faversham’s are actually reasonably decent, and I’ve been rocking a 3-4-3 tactic that I’m testing out, and things have been going splendid! In fact, we’re sitting in 4th place right now, which is a massive over-achievement for the team, not that I can claim all the credit. My predecessor Ray Turner did a decent job setting up this team before his puzzling desire to bail for relegation candidates Hythe. Let’s see how things are going!

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#FM15: The Journey III: Job Searching

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans. Happy Thursday to the rest of the world! While I’m out with family enjoying the holidays and loading up on my Grandmother’s amazing chocolate pie, I thought I’d schedule and share an update on the journeyman save… Things aren’t going so well, to say the least.

I’m going to be honest. I had lofty ambitions for Barnstaple that I knew would be tough to realise, but even I felt that the first goal of landing that only promotion spot would have been doable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much you try to doll up a pile of crap, it’s still crap under the hood.

On October 22nd, 2014 I was sacked from Barnstaple. The team was sitting in 11th place drawing more than we were winning, and there were far too many dropped points in the league, with the hierarchy at the club quite upset with me.

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